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On the 20th of May Custard Factory held The MAD ME event that was organised by UCB students many of whom are from Eastern Europe in conjunction with We Are Birmingham shop. The main aim of the event was to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. MAD ME featured modern art, dance and music.

Custard Factory is THE place for an artist. When Nash Dom arrived – we saw the party started. The atmosphere was brilliant – totally different from exhibitions in National Art Galleries and Theatres. People in small groups were chatting about nothing and everything. In one corner an artist Edgar Askelovic was making silicone sculpture of Andy’s Warhol’s head, in other corner visitors could find new outfit for a party. Walls were filled with contemporary art and photography. Throughout the whole event DJ Jinx was playing music for visitors, some other time one could hear some guitar notes by Antonio Feula and see K7 dance group preparing for their performance. The earth could feel scent of wine and hear friendly ‘hello’ from people.

Throughout the whole evening people could see contemporary art, listen to live performances of music groups, enjoy break dance with CloudBreakerz and African dance by K7. We met Edgar Askelovic from Lithuania who took part as a sculptor. He was making the sculpture of Andy Warhol’s, he also exhibited rather fascinating sculptures. He told us “it’s not easy to be an artist here. If you want to achieve something, you have to put start-up capital by yourself and then hope for luck”.

One of the MADE ME event coordinator was Naana Lukkonen from Latvia. In an interview Naana said to Nash Dom, that she is happy to help artists who are from Eastern Europe, to help them integrate here, in England.

Nash Dom took part in this event, met interesting people and found new friends. There should me more events of this kind. MAD ME was a great example of how much potential there is in young Eastern European entrepreneurs and artists. The event was very successful and worthwhile visiting.

NASH DOM supports and is looking forward to see more events of such kind. Kristine Borodina Operations Assistant at NASH DOM Board of Directors: “The event clearly shows that it is worth working together. I haven’t seen such a good event in a long time. One could feel the amount of ideas and enthusiasm, that I believe is a result of collaboration between different people from different backgrounds, culture and experiences.” Thanks to all organizers of the event, we are looking forward to see more!

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